terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2011

Soundtrack KUNG FU - A Série de tv - 1973

Compositor: Jim Helms

1.Caine's Theme (03:15)
2.The Shaolin Temple/The New Student/Ten Times Ten (05:01)
3.The Ancient Warrior/Shawn's Theme (03:22)
4.A Children's Game/Divine Strength (03:11)
5.Alethea/Su Yen (02:49)
6.Grasshopper (01:09)
7.Power Of The Other/The Lotus Pond/One With Nature (04:06)
8.Dark Angel Hymn (02:01)
9.On Evil/The Peaceful Path/Time Of The Soul (04:18)
10.King Of The Mountain/An Eye For An Eye (02:53)
11.The Search (01:41)
12.Sign Of The Dragon (00:11)

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