domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

Soundtrack O PREDADOR - 1987

Compositor: Alan Silvestri

1.20th Century Fox Fanfare
2.Main Title
3.Something Else
4.Cut'em Down
5.Payback Time
6.The Truck
7.Jungle Trek
8.The Girl's Escape
9.Blaine's Death
10.He's My Friend
11.We're All Gonna Die
12.Building a Trap
13.The Waiting
14.The Hunt is On
15.Dillon is Disarmed
16.Billy Stands Alone
17.Battle Plans
18.Wounded Predator
19.Hand to Hand Combat
20.Predator's Big Finish
21.The Rescue and End Credits

Download: Parte1-Parte2

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